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The new website created by is functional on all your devices.

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The Gaspé Spec : Unveils new website

The staff at The Gaspé Spec is pleased to announce the unveiling of Spec’s highly anticipated website created by

Spec’s new website is definitely innovative, the person who is interested in contributing to the content of SPEC can now submit their write-up directly via the website.  Items that you can now submit directly online include: Social Notes, Letter to the Editor and Breaking News.

You can also place and pay for announcements such as Obituaries, In Memoriams, Card of Thanks and Coast Round-ups through the new website. There will also be the opportunity to purchase advertising space directly online with a credit card, thanks to the website’s built-in shopping cart technology.

The site features; teasers for the upcoming issue; digital copies of special features, such as the “Tourist Guide” and links to Spec’s facebook and twitter pages and will function on all your mobile devices.

One of the exciting new features is the newsletter, subscribers interested in following Spec’s contests, feature items and special supplements will be able to sign up to receive a monthly newsletter.

The website has been a work in progress since late spring and was made possible by funding from the Quebec Department of Culture (MCC) and Communications in connection with their Digital Cultural Plan for Quebec (Plan culturel numérique du Québec).

According to the MCC website “The Plan (Digital Cultural Plan for Quebec) is designed to help the cultural industry transition smoothly into the digital universe and continue to be a significant contributor to the Québec economy.  The Plan “is based on three key strategies: creating digital content, innovating to adapt to digital culture and disseminating digital cultural content to ensure its accessibility.”

As Publisher of The Gaspé Spec, I encourage you to take full advantage of such a dynamic website and become part of the action.   I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Penny MacWhirter, Publisher


This Week

  • After 30 years, the runway at Gaspé Airport will be lengthened

    GASPÉ – Expected for almost 30 years, the lengthening and renovation work on the Gaspé airport runway is taking shape. On November 11, the Town of Gaspé, which owns the airport, awarded a contract valued at nearly $8.8 million to Bonaventure’s PEC to complete the work, which will begin very quickly. The track will be lengthened by 1000 feet to 5500 feet and will be fully repaved. “We’ve been […]
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  • Turnip grown by Saint-Omer gardener comes close to breaking Guinness world record

    SAINT-OMER: – Until October 16, Damien Allard, a Saint-Omer resident who occasionally keeps a garden, believed that one of his turnips would beat the Guinness world record, a record that belongs to an Alaska resident, who harvested a 17.7 kilo (39 lbs) specimen! Damien Allard missed the record by 2.2 kilos, his turnip weighing “only” 15.5 kilos (34 pounds). The shape of his turnip played a trick on […]
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