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Let’s talk about the past

The newspaper we read today, was a dream come true for our visionary founders: Lynden Bechervaise, Gary Briand, Donald Miller and Bernie St. Laurent. The main objective of the founders of Spec in 1974 was to improve the quality of life of the English-speaking people scattered in small pockets along the more than 400 miles of coastline. Before Spec there was no real unity, no real identity as English-speaking Gaspesians. But, even worse, there was no way to communicate with the people. No newspaper, no local radio or television operating in English. Until Spec came along, the only English language media available to the area came from Northern New Brunswick.

People in Gaspé listened to PEI radio, in New Carlisle they listened to Bathurst, in New Richmond and Escuminac they listened to Campbellton. This was before the CBC broadcast in the area. Gaspesians knew more about New Brunswick affairs than about Québec. Spec was born in May 1975 to bridge the gulf between pockets of Anglophones all along the Coast. With the help of a small grant from the federal government Spec first rolled off the presses May 15, 1975. Now Spec is no longer just a method of informing the Anglophones in their own language about occurrences in their own area, but is read by many francophones who want to understand what is happening, on a regional level.

Spec is the only regional newspaper covering the area from Riviere-au-Renard to Matapedia. Spec is also the only free press newspaper along the Coast, all other papers being operated by large corporations. Since Spec is paid for, you can be sure it is read! In fact, Spec is read weekly by thousands of Gaspesians, and also has a strong following outside the area; a factor important to those in the tourist industry.

On May 15, 2015 Spec celebrated its 40th Birthday. May it continue to prosper and keep Anglophone Gaspesians informed.