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CISSS reminds the population of its obligations

Press release – translated

The Gaspé Peninsula Integrated Health and Social Services Centre (CISSS) is reminding the general population that it has an obligation to respond to calls from Public Health.

Although positive results are now confirmed via email, it is important to respond if you receive a call from the Regional Directorate of Public Health in the hours following this result. These calls are used to carry out epidemiological investigations and to minimize the transmission of the virus.

Even if you are not positive for COVID-19, it is still important to respond to calls from the Regional Directorate of Public Health, you could have had a contact with a positive case and there are steps to follow, including getting tested at a testing centre.

Rapid tests are a good way to quickly know if a symptomatic person is positive or not for COVID-19. If you test yourself with a rapid test and it appears positive, you must go and confirm this test at one of the testing centres.

As soon as symptoms appear, you are to go get tested. You can make an appointment by calling 1 877-644-4545.