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Gaspé mayor is satisfied with new control measures


CARLETON: – The mayor of Gaspé and prefect of the Côte-de-Gaspé MRC, Daniel Côté, says he is “satisfied” with the control measures decreed by the Government of Quebec to limit the spread of covid-19 between regions.

The Gaspé Peninsula and Magdalen Islands constitute one of the eight regions targeted by the new control measures. “It has been discussed for a while,” says Mayor Côté. “There are two conditions that must be respected; basic goods and services need to circulate to reach the region and our products must be able to get out, such as marine products and wind blades,” he adds.

The Gaspé and the Magdalen Islands have been relatively spared from the coronavirus pandemic. However, two cases of the virus were reported in the region on Saturday, for a total of nine since the first report on March 21. The first case involved a teacher from New Carlisle, she has now fully recovered from the virus. None of the first seven regional cases required hospitalization and they were all people who had travelled. For the moment, information isn’t available regarding  the two new cases.