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Get Organized Week 2: A Place for Everything


This 5-part series may inspire you to organize and simplify your home. It’s a new year and a fresh opportunity to clean up, clean out and develop ways of storing and managing your stuff

Week 2 – A Place for Everything

Ever heard this expression?  “A place for everything and everything in its place.”  How do you feel about it? Though you do not have to say it repeatedly to your family, it is a helpful rule to follow when organizing your home. Whether your home is big or small you will be pleased with yourself when you can find the scotch tape, your keys or your bank statement.

         Some very easy guidelines can help you to achieve maximum house organization bliss.

These are the guidelines:

  1. Choose a place where items will be kept.
  2. Most importantly, return the items to that spot after you use them.

That’s it! If you do this, and convince your family to do so as well (that’s the challenging part) you will save so much time previously spent searching for things.

 A few ideas:

Put a bowl near the door and always put your car keys in it. Like most people I have spent time searching for my keys and that one little bowl prevents all that wasted time.

Install a hook for each person in the family to hang their bath/shower towel. No more wet towels on the floor or the bed. On wash day just grab them off the hooks.

Store things that are alike together. Keep pens and other desk supplies in one drawer or small tub. Important papers can be easily located if they are in one spot and labelled. (More about that in Week 3)

Photos can be stored in plastic tubs or albums, rather than in a variety of drawers and boxes.

Tools are items that we often have to search for. They are left in the last spot where they were used!      A small tool box with commonly used items might be handy. Just return them to their ‘place’ after using them.

Keep all medications in one basket, out of reach of children. If you are searching for the bottle of Tylenol it would be so simple to look in the basket… and find it there! No hunting required.

Keep all cords and chargers in one drawer. Everything seems to need to be charged now and all require different chargers. This includes Fitbit watches, some toys, cell phones, new electric blankets and portable Bluetooth speakers.

A place for everything and everything in its place.