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Regional update: 24 new cases (twelve located in the Côte-de-Gaspé MRC)


There are 24 new cases of COVID-19 in the region. One of the new cases is in the Avignon MRC, three in the Bonaventure MRC, eight in the Rocher-Percé MRC and twelve in the Côte-de-Gaspé MRC.

Public Health states that the difference between provincial and regional statistics can be explained by the rapidly changing situation and that adjustments will be made over the next few days.

CHSLD in Maria (Residence Saint-Joseph)no longer considered an outbreak: 24 residents and 22 staff members tested positive for COVID-19. Nine residents passed away as a result of Covid-19. Ninety-one residents and nearly 130 employees work there.

Lady Maria (RPA – Private Seniors’ Residence) outbreak

Forty-two residents (+1), and nine (stable) employees at Lady Maria have tested positive for COVID-19. The Lady Maria residence is home to 130 individuals and nearly 45 employees work there.

Maria Hospital outbreak

Ten (stable) employees have tested positive and, so far, no patients are involved in the outbreak.

CHSLD New Carlisle outbreak

Thirteen employees (stable) and thirteen (stable) residents are affected by this outbreak. One resident from the CHSLD New Carlisle has passed away as a result of COVID-19. CHSLD New Carlisle houses 66 residents and employs 118 people.

Chandler Hospital outbreak

Less than five employees have tested positive.

Gaspé Hospital outbreak

According to the CISSS there is currently a COVID-19 outbreak at Gaspé Hospital. Six employees (stable) have tested positive and less than five patients are affected by this outbreak. One patient has passed away as a result of COVID-19.

Centre d’hébergement Mgr-Ross outbreak

The management of the Integrated Health and Social Services Centre (CISSS) confirms that less than 5 employees of the programs and services of the Mgr-Ross in Gaspé have tested positive for COVID-19. The CISSS states that this facility has a multifunctional purpose and that currently, the outbreak does not affect the long-term care facility (CHSLD).

Updated List – Réné-Levesque School Service Centre

The Réné-Levesque School Service Centre has confirmed 18 (stable) cases. 5 (stable) classrooms are presently quarantined.

The educational facilities with positives cases are:

  • École Antoine-Bernard, Carleton-sur-Mer (1 case)
  • École St-Donat, Maria (1 case)
  • École des Découvertes, St-Siméon (1 case)
  • École aux Quatre-Vents, Bonaventure (3 cases – 1 class)
  • Centre de formation professionnelle, Bonaventure (1 case)
  • École Polyvalent, Paspébiac (2 cases – 1 class)
  • École La Source, Paspébiac (1 case)
  • École Le Phare, Port-Daniel-Gascon (1 case)​
  • École polyvalente Mgr Sévigny, Chandler (5 cases – 3 classes)
  • École St-Joseph, Chandler (1 case)
  • École secondaire du Littoral, Grande-Rivière (1 case)

Eastern Shores School Board

The educational facilities with positives cases are:

  • St. Patrick / St. Joseph
  • Gaspé Polyvalent

Complete portrait

The total number of COVID-19 cases in the Gaspé Peninsula and Magdalen Islands is now 929* (+24). Presently, 687 (+6) individuals have recovered. There are 215 (+20) active cases in the region. The total number of deaths is 27 (stable). There are currently 12 (+2) individuals hospitalized.

* Update: Two cases from a few weeks ago were added. This explains the balance of today’s total cases (929) to yesterday’s (903).

Regional: MRC of Residence

MRC / living environmentConfirmed casesSince Sept. 1Active CasesRate/ 100000 since Sept. 1
Avignon (+1)34625826176.5
Bonaventure (+3)27221683475.2
Rocher-Percé (+8)15512151300.2
Côte-de-Gaspé (+12)1128450285.6
Haute-Gaspésie (stable)17n.d.n.d.n.d.
Magdalen Islands26n.d.n.d.n.d.
Gaspé Peninsula Magdalen Islands929715215238.7

Source: Gaspé Peninsula Public Health Board. n.d.: not disclosed when less than 5 for privacy reasons

The Gaspé Peninsula and Magdalen Islands region is at Alert Level 3 – Orange, with the exception of the following three municipalities: Maria, Carleton-sur-Mer and Nouvelle, which are at Alert Level 4 – Red.

Please consult previous posts for measures related to each Alert Level.

The totals for the province are as follows: 

106,016 (+1,064)6,246 (*+15)503 (-12)82 (+1)

*Six deaths occurred in the last 24 hours, seven deaths occurred between October 24 and October 29 and two deaths occurred at an unknown date.