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Regional Update: 28 new cases


The number of new COVID-19 cases in the region has reached an all-time high. The bulk of new cases are once again in the Avignon MRC, as 19 new cases are announced for that MRC. In addition, there are four new cases in the Bonaventure MRC, and two in the Côte-de-Gaspé. There are three other positive results, but the locations are unknown. Tracing is currently underway for all the new cases.

Public Health has confirmed that there has been another COVID-19-related death. That death is linked to the outbreak at the CHSLD in Maria

Public Health states that the difference between provincial and regional statistics can be explained by the rapidly changing situation and that adjustments will be made over the next few days.

CHSLD in Maria (Residence Saint-Joseph)

According to Public Health, so far, 22 (stable) residents and 14 (stable) staff members at the Maria CHSLD (government owed long-term care facility) have tested positive for COVID-19. Five (+1) individuals from the Residence Saint-Joseph have passed away as a result of COVID-19.

That CHSLD houses 91 residents and nearly 130 employees work there.

Lady Maria (RPA – Private Seniors’ Residence) outbreak

According to the Gaspé Peninsula Integrated Health and Social Services Centre (CISSS), 31 residents (+5), and less than five employees of Lady Maria, located in Maria, have tested positive for COVID-19.

The Lady Maria residence is home to 130 individuals and nearly 45 staff members work there.

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The total number of COVID-19 cases in the Gaspé Peninsula and Magdalen Islands is now 421 (+28). Presently, 252 (+9) individuals have recovered. There are 154 (+18) active cases in the region. The total number of deaths is now total 15 (+1). There are currently two (stable) individuals who are hospitalized outside the region, one of those patients is in intensive care.

Reminder: Alert Level 3 (orange)

Please note that the Gaspé Peninsula is currently at Alert Level 3 (orange). At this level all citizens are asked avoid all unnecessary social contact. The following measures are now in place.

Private gatherings (indoor and outside)Maximum 6 people OR 2 families
i.e. Two families with a total in excess of 6 people authorized
Activities organized in a public setting
(indoor and outside)

Maximum 25 people (Rental halls, weddings, celebrations, etc.)
For places of worship, the maximum allowed is 250 people.
Venues with a liquor permit: no alcohol sales after 11 p.m., no alcohol consumption after midnight, dancing is prohibited
Demonstrations are still permitted, but wearing a mask or face covering is mandatory at all times
Public venues

Maximum 250 people
People must be seated, relatively immobile, little or no talking, staff supervision (concert halls, theatres, cinemas, etc.)

Maximum 6 people per table
No alcohol or food sales after 11 p.m, closing at midnight. Mandatory customer name and contact list

Maximum 6 per table
No alcohol sales after 11 p.m
No alcohol consumption after midnight

1 person per household recommended to enter stores, delivery services and assistance from relatives is recommended for people at high risk
Travelling between regionsNot recommended
CHSLD (Long-term care facilities)Visits for humanitarian reasons
Visits by informal caregivers who provide significant assistance
RPA private seniors’ residenceNo more than 6 people at a time in a rental unit, including the resident
Other long-term applicable measuresIncreased police intervention
Infraction reports and fines for non-compliance with face-covering directives

Regional: MRC of Residence of the Cases

MRC / living environmentConfirmed casesSince Sept. 1Active Cases
Avignon (+19)
– Community (+14)
– Seniors’ residence (+5)
Bonaventure (+4)711511
Rocher-Percé (+2)44n.d.n.d.
Magdalen Islands (*+1)25 158
Unknown (+3)333
Gaspé Peninsula Magdalen Islands421207154
*Location of case was previously not determined.

Source: Gaspé Peninsula Public Health Board. n.d.: not disclosed when less than 5 for privacy reasons

Number of new cases daily and active cases since September 1, 2020

Source: Gaspé Peninsula Public Health Board.

Total number of cases daily since the start of the pandemic

Source: Gaspé Peninsula Public Health Board.

The totals for the province are as follows: 

75,221 (+1052)5,857 (*+)302 (+27)49 (+3)
*Six deaths occurred between September 25 and 30, and 1 prior to September 25.