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Regional update: Gaspesians catch a break


CARLETON – Gaspesians catch a bit of a break today, as the number of people infected with COVID-19 remain stable at 168. In addition, after two consecutive days marked by a COVID-19-related death, there are no casualties to report today.

Another positive point is that two more individuals have recovered from COVID-19, the total is now 94. There are no new hospitalizations. The number of healthcare workers who have contracted COVID-19 remain at 40. Sixteen people from the region have been hospitalized due to COVID-19, two are still hospitalized in Rimouski.

The breakdown of the 168 cases by health region (containing a hospital) is as follows: 

  • Bay of Chaleur sector – 128
  • Rocher-Percé sector – 25
  • Magdalen Islands – 8
  • Côte-de-Gaspé – 5
  • Haute-Gaspésie – less than 5

Note: The Public Health Board does not release numbers in a sector if the number of cases is less than five.  The total of confirmed cases in a health region does not always correspond to the sum of cases in that health region (RLS) due to unknown values, data entry errors or transfers between regions. The total in one health region won’t necessarily correspond with the total for the outbreaks in that health region, since some cases are located (reside) in other health regions.

The totals for the province are as follows: 

  • 2136 deaths (an increase of 114)
  • 29,656 positive cases (an increase of 1008)
  • 1738 total hospitalizations (an increase of 22)
  • 222 people in intensive care (an increase of 4)