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Regional update: Mandatory quarantine for Gaspesians returning after travelling outside the region

Walk-in vaccination clinics

There was little wait for the walk-in vaccination clinic in Gaspé on April 9. Credit: Nelson Sergerie Several citizens were waiting outside to be vaccinated without an appointment, in Bonaventure, on April 9. Credit: Michel Morin

There are five new cases of COVID-19 bringing the overall total number of cases in the Gaspé Peninsula and Magdalen Islands to 1770. There are currently 14 active cases and one hospitalization.


Variants have also made their entry into the Gaspé. Feared due to the virulence of the symptoms and the fact that they are easily spread, three cases linked to these coronavirus mutations were recorded on April 6 and 8. According to the Department of Public Health, these cases were brought into the region by people who travelled outside the Gaspé. The regional Director of Public Health, Dr. Yv Bonnier Viger, says it was inevitable that the variants would enter the region, especially since the neighbouring region of the Lower Saint Lawrence had to contend with a multitude of cases linked to this mutated virus in recent weeks. – Nelson Sergerie

  • Avignon (+4)
    • Active cases: 6
  • Bonaventure
    • Active cases: 0
  • Rocher-Percé
    • Active cases: <5
  • Côte-de-Gaspé
    • Active cases: <5
  • Haute-Gaspésie
    • Active cases: <5
  • Magdalen Islands (+1)
    • Active cases: <5

The government of Quebec caused quite a stir on April 6 when it announced that citizens living in orange or red zones are prohibited from going to yellow zones. Premier François Legault did not mention this ban during his press briefing. The instruction appeared in a one-paragraph posting on the Government of Quebec website, which has raised its share of questions. The ban is something that has long been requested by the Director of Public Health. “The adoption of this measure clarifies things: “When people see that travel is not recommended, they get a little puzzled and say okay, I’m going to go anyway. But now, the instructions are very clear,” emphasizes Dr. Yv Bonnier-Viger. This measure applies to the one-third of the population who are not complying with health instructions, according to the specialist. “We will considerably reduce the probability that they transmit the virus,” hopes the specialist. – Nelson Sergerie

Travelling to the Gaspé

Travel to Gaspé Peninsula from red and orange zones is now prohibited. Exceptions include:

  • Those who have a main residence on the Gaspé, or those who have maintenance work to do on their secondary residence
  • Those who transport goods
  • Humanitarian purposes
  • Health care services
  • Work or educational purposes
  • Child custody

Note: You are responsible for having the necessary evidence in your possession and be able to present the evidence to SQ officers during random checks.

Gaspesians who are returning

Residents of the region returning after being in an orange or red zone, must adhere to a strict mandatory quarantine of 2 weeks upon their return, unless the trip was for one of the reasons mentioned above.

However, the regional CISSS and Public Health recommends that even those exempt from compulsory quarantine self-isolate for 14 days upon their return, in order to protect Gaspesians and limit the spread of the virus and its variants.

Upon arrival in the region and for the first 2 weeks, those affected should:

  • Keep a distance of two metres from the other occupants of the house
  • Do not visit people other from another address
  • Do not go to public places
  • Essential outings only (example: medical, legal, humanitarian)
  • Notify the health facility by telephone if an appointment in the facility is scheduled during this period in order to determine the required precautions

The Public Health board would like to also remind citizens that everyone must be particularly attentive to the symptoms of colds, flu, gastro and COVID-19.

If a symptom appears:

  • complete the online self-assessment form
  • If necessary, complete the online self-assessment form
  • Completely isolate yourself for 10 days or until terminated by public health
  • Make an appointment to get tested as soon as possible
  • Inform those you live with that they too must self-isolate, at least until the test result is obtained
  • The telephone number to call for a screening appointment is 1-877-644-4545.
  • Be prudent, a negative result can be falsely reassuring. Even if you receive a negative result and despite vaccinations, it is essential to continue to apply all the precautions.

Regional numbers:

  • Total cases: 1,770
  • Total new cases: 5
  • Active cases: 14
  • Recovered cases: 1,710
  • Total deaths: 46
  • Total hospitalizations: 128
  • Current hospitalizations: 1

Provincial numbers:

  • Total cases: 323,094
  • Total new cases: 1,683
  • Recovered cases: 300,471
  • Total deaths: 10,726
  • New deaths: +8
  • Current hospitalizations: 569
  • New hospitalizations: +3
  • Total individuals in ICU: 134
  • New individuals in ICU: +2
  • Total vaccinations administered: 1,754,749