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Regional update: Over $70,000 in fines


New Cases: After more than a week of no new cases, three cases were confirmed in the region today. This brings the total number of cases to 1,698, and the number of active cases to three. Four individuals are currently hospitalized (some of those patients are now negative for COVID-19, but are still hospitalized due to other factors).

New cases:

  • 1 – Avignon MRC
  • 1 – Côte-de-Gaspé
  • 1 – Magdalen Islands

Fines due to sanitary measures:

During the week of January 11 to 17: 27 fines were given out, including 19 for breaking curfew.

During the week of January 18-24: 10 fines were given out, including 9 for breaking curfew.

During the week of January 25 to 30: 10 fines were given out, including 7 for breaking curfew.

The SQ confirms that the fines are $1000 each plus fees, so approximately $1500 in total for each fine.

The CISSS has released information regarding the changes to the Alert Level (orange), noting that the significant drop in new daily cases confirms the effectiveness of the health measures and the efforts of the general population. The CISSS wants to remind everyone that the measures will be adjusted as of February 8 and the key changes include:
• curfew between 9:30 p.m. and 5 a.m.
• the reopening of non-priority businesses, including personal and beauty care services
• the reopening of museums and libraries
• the reopening of restaurants (maximum of two adults per table, accompanied, if applicable, by their minor children)
• permission to accommodate up to 25 people in a place of worship
• the resumption of sports and leisure activities, respecting the 2-metre distance:
• outdoor activities bringing together a maximum of 8 people (including lessons)
• individual indoor activities, in pairs or family (including lessons)
• reopening of the training rooms (group activities prohibited)
• starting on February 26, the reopening of cinemas and theatres (wearing a procedural mask will be mandatory).

Note: that the ban on gatherings in private homes and on private land and mandatory teleworking are maintained.

Provincial numbers:

  • Total cases 266,672
  • Total new cases +1,093
  • Recovered cases 243,769
  • Total deaths 9,941
  • New deaths +42
  • Current hospitalizations 1,070
  • New hospitalizations -36
  • Total individuals in ICU 175
  • New individuals in ICU -2
  • Total vaccinations administered 243,955
  • New vaccinations administered +2,300