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Regional update: Six new cases reported today


New Cases: There are six new cases of COVID-19 confirmed in the Gaspé Peninsula and Magdalen Islands. This brings the total number of cases in the region to 1,663.  Six individuals are currently hospitalized as a result of COVID-19.

New cases:

  • 1 – Avignon MRC
  • 2 – Rocher-Percé MRC
  • 1 – Côte-de-Gaspé MRC
  • 2 – Magdalen Islands

Active cases

There are currently 85 active cases in the region:

  • Avignon MRC – 15
  • Bonaventure MRC – less than 5
  • Rocher-Percé MRC – 49
  • Côte-de-Gaspé MRC – 16
  • Haute-Gaspésie MRC – less than 5
  • Magdalen Islands – less than 5

Vaccines: Number of administered doses of the vaccine in the Gaspé Peninsula and Magdalen Islands: 815

January 7 press conference:

During an early afternoon press briefing by Deputy Premier and Minister of Public Safety Geneviève Guilbault elaborated on the new regulations including the curfew that will come into effect on Saturday. For a complete list of activities that are permitted, along with exceptions please visit this page:

It is important to note that police officers will be enforcing the health measures and can intervene when individuals are not in compliance. Fines will range between $1000 and $6000, and youth aged 14 and up are subject to a fine of $500. Employers are asked to complete a form attesting that their employees are legitimately travelling outside curfew hours. That form (available in French only) is available on the website listed above.

Upcoming dates to remember:

Friday: Press conference regarding COVID-19 and the schools.

Provincial numbers:

  • Total cases 220,518
  • Total new cases +2,519
  • Recovered cases 186,996
  • Total deaths 8,562
  • New deaths +74
  • Current hospitalizations 1,380
  • New hospitalizations -13
  • Total individuals in ICU 202
  • New individuals in ICU 0
  • Total vaccinations administered 48,632
  • New vaccinations administered +9,960