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Sharp rise in unemployment rate in September

GASPÉ – The loss of 3,300 jobs has caused the unemployment rate to rise by 2.1% in September, reaching 6.8%. 

According to Statistics Canada, the losses occurred, both among full-time and part-time employees, as well as due to more than 2,600 people leaving the active job search in the last month. 

A total of 2,800 full-time positions were eliminated from the job market last month. 

At 32,800, the figure remains higher than the 29,500 people at the same time last year. However, the number of part-time positions decreased both in the last month and compared to last year. 

There were 4,500 part-time positions in September, compared with 5,000 in August and 5,600 in September 2022. 

The number of unemployed individuals increased from 2,000 in August to 2,700 in September. 

There were 2,600 unemployed individuals a year ago. 

Taking into account that the labour force, i.e., individuals employed or actively seeking employment, decreased from 42,600 in August to 40,000 in September, the unemployment rate climbed from 4.7% in August to 6.8% in September compared to 6.9% a year ago.